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Check out the fabulouse range of Plaster Buidling Sets from Wise Elk. These are the perfect gift for older kids and will provide hours of creative entertainment for 5 years olds plus!!!


Balance the influx of chocolate this Easter with these delightful gifts that are sure to put a smile on little faces this Easter morning!

Cuddly Plush Toys are sure to delight little monkeys this Easter. Choose from our Sandy Rabbit, Rabbit Puppet or Soft Rabbit Rattle for the very little monkeys in your life! Starting at just $29.95

Dancing Eggs is one of HABA's most popular games and winner of multiple awards and is perfect for the Easter Weekend Getaway with family & friends and compact too. Easter Special $29.95 

Chicken & Egg Stacking Tower will bring lots of fun and learning too for only $14.95


Learning through play is easy to do with our fabulous selection of gorgeous, colourful and fun toys for your tiny little monkeys! From soft bell balls & cuddly skittles, to wooden jointed worms and balancing bears - our monkey range of baby toys is ready to enjoy!

NEW Interactive reality books are AMAZING!!!

Our New Augmented reality books are amazing! They come to life and are interactive, you have never seen anything like it. It gives you an ability to engage a child in reading on a whole new level.

Sensory help is here...

If you're looking for Sensory toys to help your precious monkey fill their sensory bucket so they can stay focussed, take a look at this great range for all ages.

BUILDING bricks for budding Engineers

The perfect innovative toy for 5+ has arrived!!

Handmade with love, these eco-friendly plaster building kits from Wise Elk offer a variety of intricate designs for growing minds to enjoy! Everything you need to construct your building is in the tub including the base design, mini bricks, tiles, detailed instructions and even the glue!

With over 20 designs to choose from and ranging in size from 315 bricks to 4300 bricks, this toy will help kids realise their creative potential. It is put together using PVA glue and is Reusable! Simply put the bricks into water for a short time and you can easily separate and then rebuild. Follow the design or use your imagination. The fun with these versatile toys is endless.

STEM projects for all ages!

STEM is a crucial part of our children's education.

This exciting range of STEM projects help to challenge their inquisitve minds, whilst exploring and learning how things work.

STEM Shape Box is especially designed for 2yr+ with a huge selection of STEM based learning kits for 8yrs plus!


A BRILLIANT INVENTION that's brand new to the market - Safety Food Peelers & Kutters - PERFECT for little people! The PEELER has NO BLADE so there are no cut fingers and the KUTTER has a stainless steel safety blade with an easy grip handle that suits both left & right handers. They are suitable for children, the elderly or people with special needs and are also BPA free and Dishwasher safe. A must have in any kitchen!

Puzzle your world with these new releases!

A brand new range of exciting, colourful and educaitonal puzzles for all ages to enjoy!

MATHS Resources for Home Schooling

Check out these great MATHS tools - something for all ages!

‘Learning through Play’ is a great way to teach your children skills of patterning, logic, science, maths, writing, fine motor skills & more - without them even realising it.

WRITING made easy!

Looking for some fun Home Schooling resources to set you up for Term 2? Check out these great WRITING tools!

Let us help support you whilst teaching your kids at home.

‘Learning through Play’ is a great way to teach your children skills of writing, patterning, logic, science, maths, fine motor skills & more - without them even realising it.

CONSTRUCTION challenges for 12yrs+

Engineering Challengs for 12years+

This amazing range of construction kits from Mr. Playwood are the perfect gift for older children (12 years+) that enjoy the challenge of building something that really works!!

Laser-etched wood creates a magical fantasy world, with these wonderful creations with cogs and lots of moving parts. There will be hours of fun in constructing these wonderful toys and then operating them.

LOGIC challenges for all ages

Smart Games are a briliant way to teach logic, problem solving and patience.

Choose from games with animals, transport, ghosts, colours, patterns, 3D pieces, colour tiles and more to add to your collection.