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Sensory: Jacobs Ladder (Sensory) Toy

Jacobs Ladder (Sensory) Toy
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Jacobs Ladder (Sensory) Toy
Jacobs Ladder (Sensory) Toy
Jacobs Ladder (Sensory) Toy
Jacobs Ladder (Sensory) Toy

Price: $14.95 AUD (inc GST)

Product Description

The Jacobs Ladder is a clever Sensory Toy that will keep any monkey occupied. 

Loosen up your wrist! It’s the enchanting folk toy that performs tricks and optical illusions with every turn of your hand. Kids and adults alike who benefit from fiddle toys will love this visually mesmerizing activity. 

• An irresistible kinetic illusion 
• Teachers: a great addition to your fidget toys for the classroom
• Featuring colorful, durable wood with a fabric ribbon

Age Recommendation: Ages 5 and up



Product Details

Categories Activity Toys, Games, Learning Tools, Portable Play
Brand Monkey Treasures (View all from this Brand)
Age Range 5 - 99
Size 6cm x 6cm
Product # 1525

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